1. Renters are ten-a-penny.

    I am writing to recommend Paul Wong Real Estate as an agency for all renters in their area.  I imagine that we are an easy market to neglect; there are bigger fish to fry, and more important people to please.  Renters are ten-a-penny. Despite this, Paul Wong Real Estate made every effort to ensure that our requests and needs were met, and our expectations exceeded.

    The property managers at Paul Wong approach the rental market with a refreshing perspective and an open mind. My partner and I were looking for a lease to start a ‘share house’ with other twenty-somethings, and we had little rental experience and were both new to our jobs. Basically, we were pretty low down on the list of ‘ideal lessors’, and usually would be struck off the list straight away. They were willing to give us a chance, and we had a wonderful experience with Jamie as our property manager. We got our new place because of the reference from Jamie on our behalf.

    Their attentive, friendly, and professional service to us throughout our stay at Dent St was beyond compare. We have now had interactions with most of the real estate agencies in the Epping area, and Paul Wong are by far the best.

    Thanks again for everything!

    — Miri and Pearse
  2. Exceptional Rental Agency

    As residents of Paul Wong Real Estate, we would like to inform you that they are an exceptional rental agency and have provided us with the highest possible standard of service at all times. Jamie has ensured that we have always been comfortable in our new home, helping us settle into the area after moving to Sydney from Western Australia.

    — Chris Wyatt
  3. Kind and Responsible

    We really appreciate what you did for us; you are so kind and responsible. Thank you for helping us organize everything. You are the best agent. We are very lucky to rent the unit from Paul Wong Real Estate and get your help.

    — Jin Ou