About Us

Greetings from the team at Paul Wong Real Estate, Epping!

We are a team of enthusiastic and easy going professionals with a mission on customer centricity and proven results.  Although Paul Wong (principal agent) has been in this industry and served this local area for over 20 years, we regard ourselves as ‘the new kid on the block’, as we are constantly renewing and learning. Our motto is always “working with one’s heart and soul, together we build a better future”.

“Working with one’s heart and soul” means we approach all tasks with integrity, as if our own, and are willing to invest extra time and effort to achieve the desired results.

‘Clients satisfaction/amicable transactions’ is one of the teams top priorities and most rewarding part of this career.

At Paul Wong Real Estate, we work by certain core values and ethics and a genuine appreciation. Highlighting some of these are:

  • Integrity by demonstrating honesty and sound ethical behaviour in all business transactions and personal sincerity in all dealings with others.
  • Mutual Respect by consistently treating individuals with respect and dignity.
  • Teamwork by working together as a team for the collective interests of our customers and agency.
  • Customer Satisfaction by consistently keeping customer satisfaction as a top priority.

We’d like to find out the goals of the sellers, offer the best advice through presentation and  marketing strategy, and communicate closely until the property is sold.  Our listings are normally sold within a reasonably short period of time, capturing the best price and reducing the hassles for the owners/occupants.

Buying is a daunting task and can be very confusing.  We assist buyers in making the right choice by bringing up the values and benefits of the property. Our buyers/investors also become our long term friends and on-going clients.

Asset management is very labour intensive.  Our job is not just collecting rent and ‘finding’ a tenant quickly.  We ensure that the landlord’s asset is generating constant stream of income by selecting a conscientious tenant, reducing maintenance costs and attending to repairs without delay. Landlord’s peace of mind is our comfort.

We consider tenants as helpers and they deserve respect.  At Paul Wong Real estate, a senior manager will greet a successful applicant in moving, explaining their rights and responsibilities and to ensure there is always communication throughout the term of their stay.

There is no formula or limitation for service industry and you are welcome to call in for a chat to know more about us.